SONG: OLD ANGEL MIDNIGHT (LIVE, EAST BERLIN) ARTIST: BROTHER DEGE DIRECTOR: Lucas Fiederling PRODUCTION: DEGE LEGG: VOCALS, DOBRO TOM PORTMAN: DOBRO KENT BEATTY: UPRIGHT BASS OUT: 6/26/20 | FOLK SONGS OF AMERICAN LONGHAIR VINYL REPRESSING PRE-ORDER LINK: AMERICAN LONGHAIR 10TH ANNIVERSARY VINYL EDITION Signed, limited edition (1-200) on silver & lead colored 150g vinyl. INCLUDES 11x17 Print, State Seal Sticker, digital download of album, & digital download of DEMOS OF THE AMERICAN LONGHAIR. DESCRIPTION: DEMOS OF THE AMERICAN LONGHAIR (2004-09) - Fourteen Lo-fi live demos of each song on the AMERICAN LONGHAIR LP, recorded in southern Louisiana trailerparks, sheds, rat motels, abandoned houses, back rooms, and warehouses. Raw, uncut, unpolished, and sometimes ugly, but real. DEMOS OF THE AMERICAN LONGHAIR | TRACK LIST 01 Hard Row to Hoe (house demo).mp3 02 Hard Row to Hoe (shed demo).mp3 03 The Girl Who Wept Stones (abandoned house demo).mp3 04 The Girl Who Wept Stones (Fackler demo).mp3 05 Too Old to Die Young (shed demo).mp3 06 To Fill a Hole (Fackler Demo).mp3 07 House of the Dying Sun (Fackler demo).mp3 08 Battle of New Orleans (warehouse demo).mp3 09 Dead & Gone (Fackler demo).mp3 10 Dead & Gone (MJN demo).mp3 11 World's Longest Hotdog (motel demo).mp3 12 World's Longest Hotdog (warehouse demo).mp3 13 Old Angel Midnight (Trailer demo).mp3 14 Black is the Night (Trailer demo).mp3 Buy | FOLK SONGS OF THE AMERICAN LONGHAIR (2010, VINYL, CD, FLAC, WAV, MP3) CDs: ITUNES: AMAZON: BANDCAMP: APPLE MUSIC: SPOTIFY: